Friday, January 17, 2014

Snow fort writing by Tanner Reimann

Hi! My name is Tanner. Today I will show you why my snow fort is better then my classes. This paragraph is going to try to persuade you to come to my fort. First of all our fort is a real snow fort, it's not like the snow forts with steal in the middle of the front of the fort. Plus my opponent's fort looks like a box of doom! Is that scary! Ours is not a box of doom, it's a 2 room snow fort with a hall way connecting the two. In addition, ours is a good structure. Not simple but, not hard either. It's just right. If you look at it in the front, you would think it is a house. We took time on making this so we are pretty sure we are going to get at least in second place. Finally, we had to do this to learn on Width, Length, and Area. Please come to our fort. It's a nice place to hang out and stuff. Talk to friends, play in the snow, and it is fun to go and help build the rest of it! That's why I think you should come and see our fort! By Tanner Reimann.