Friday, May 23, 2014


I know about Halo. It’s a game where you fight aliens and survive. It’s hard if you are on heroic or harder. I’m really good at this game. I’ve practised since I was 7 and loved it. A lot of people play the game. I have Halo 2, Halo, Halo Reach, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 4, and Halo wars. Logan and me play together and you can strategize your levels and matches. Logan and me play on a Halo Reach on a map called Board Walk. We go into to corner and when a enemy comes, it goes after logan and I assassinate him. “One day on a F.B.I mission I saw my mommy in the layer. I was after a guy called Okka Dokka. He broke out of prison this day. Many people have seen him and i’m at his layer.” I said “He just came in and when I saw him, he tripped over a pole. I lunged on him right when he tripped but, he had a gang. I knocked him out with my knuckle and ran after the 2 gang members. one punched me in the throat and pain exploded in my neck. Rage richly shaded off my veins as I punched him in the nose causing him to fly.” I said agains “The other guy ran but tripped on the same pole Okka Dokka fell down. I took them all back to prison. I didn’t want to tell the rest because it got really nasty so that’s all i’m gonna say.” I said “Sry Rob” I said. Rob said “OK, daddy” Halo Reach is a research I researched. It is rated M for Mature. It’s a game where you fight accents the confidence to survive, You have super armor to protect you from the aliens. My favorite thing is swat and fire fight. If you play Fire fight you kill a ton of enemies till you kill them all. Swat is when you have a DMR and a Pistol and you kill people to get points. There are three main used weapons in the game for UNSC. A DMR is a rifle and a Assault rifle is basically a small machine gun. The last is a pistol which is big for it’s size and does good damage. Halo Reach is game on a planet called REach I hope you learned a little about the main stuff about Halo Reach.

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