Wednesday, May 21, 2014

4th Grade

Secret message. My name is Tanner, and I am ten and today I’m gonna tell you about my dislikes and likes in and outside of school. I like gym and recess in school and my dislike about school is dumb rules. I love creating things and I also love running and sports besides football. I like video games too. I don’t like rules and I don’t like getting in trouble. I don’t get in trouble much so don’t worry about me too much. Those are just a few. I have many likes but, I want to go basic. I love video games, food, dogs, cooking, playing with friends, helping out, sports, running, creating stuff and exploring and camping. Many people like a lot and many people dislike a lot. These are the things like because it’s different and I love being funny and different. I have dislikes like I have likes but, I have very few dislikes. I don’t like pickles, homework, football, math, music, stars, getting my picture taken, and writing paper. I may dislike a little more then I said but, those are my dislikes, probably because my introduction to them were really bad or my taste buds didn’t like the foods. I’ve told about myself. I can’t wait to learn about my next year’s teacher. I can’t wait for how next year will turn out. I wonder of all the stuff i’ll learn. Tannersaurusrex out.

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