Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer is a fun season. There's no school, there's no cold, and it's fun to go swimming.
It is so warm in summer. The forest is fun to explore. Theirs bugs but, I ignore them. You can do more things in summer than any other season.

        There's no school in July. You can have more fun in the summer of any other season because theirs No school. Theirs a holiday, and there's friends who can play. I like making a stick forts so the tree's, leaves, berries, and grasses make it easier. It's warm to, so you can play longer. The forth of the July is fun because you watch fire works.

        The warm makes summer fun and not so fun at the same time. Mosquitos are mean and suck your blood. The warmth's not always on your side, it can give you sun burn and it hurts without a doubt. In summer you can go swimming, have a fire, and go hiking. Exploring is hard because I don't live near a forest.

        Many people love summer. It's a good season. No studying. Many animals get up and about in summer. You have to enjoy nature to be a good person and not litter.

        I love summer and I hope you do too. There is a lot of stuff to do like the carnival. When I went to the carnival, I got a lot of prizes. My favorite is the darts game. So I just told all the things about summer. Also, I like it and stuff so. The End

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