Friday, May 23, 2014


I know about Halo. It’s a game where you fight aliens and survive. It’s hard if you are on heroic or harder. I’m really good at this game. I’ve practised since I was 7 and loved it. A lot of people play the game. I have Halo 2, Halo, Halo Reach, Halo 3 ODST, Halo 4, and Halo wars. Logan and me play together and you can strategize your levels and matches. Logan and me play on a Halo Reach on a map called Board Walk. We go into to corner and when a enemy comes, it goes after logan and I assassinate him. “One day on a F.B.I mission I saw my mommy in the layer. I was after a guy called Okka Dokka. He broke out of prison this day. Many people have seen him and i’m at his layer.” I said “He just came in and when I saw him, he tripped over a pole. I lunged on him right when he tripped but, he had a gang. I knocked him out with my knuckle and ran after the 2 gang members. one punched me in the throat and pain exploded in my neck. Rage richly shaded off my veins as I punched him in the nose causing him to fly.” I said agains “The other guy ran but tripped on the same pole Okka Dokka fell down. I took them all back to prison. I didn’t want to tell the rest because it got really nasty so that’s all i’m gonna say.” I said “Sry Rob” I said. Rob said “OK, daddy” Halo Reach is a research I researched. It is rated M for Mature. It’s a game where you fight accents the confidence to survive, You have super armor to protect you from the aliens. My favorite thing is swat and fire fight. If you play Fire fight you kill a ton of enemies till you kill them all. Swat is when you have a DMR and a Pistol and you kill people to get points. There are three main used weapons in the game for UNSC. A DMR is a rifle and a Assault rifle is basically a small machine gun. The last is a pistol which is big for it’s size and does good damage. Halo Reach is game on a planet called REach I hope you learned a little about the main stuff about Halo Reach.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

4th Grade

Secret message. My name is Tanner, and I am ten and today I’m gonna tell you about my dislikes and likes in and outside of school. I like gym and recess in school and my dislike about school is dumb rules. I love creating things and I also love running and sports besides football. I like video games too. I don’t like rules and I don’t like getting in trouble. I don’t get in trouble much so don’t worry about me too much. Those are just a few. I have many likes but, I want to go basic. I love video games, food, dogs, cooking, playing with friends, helping out, sports, running, creating stuff and exploring and camping. Many people like a lot and many people dislike a lot. These are the things like because it’s different and I love being funny and different. I have dislikes like I have likes but, I have very few dislikes. I don’t like pickles, homework, football, math, music, stars, getting my picture taken, and writing paper. I may dislike a little more then I said but, those are my dislikes, probably because my introduction to them were really bad or my taste buds didn’t like the foods. I’ve told about myself. I can’t wait to learn about my next year’s teacher. I can’t wait for how next year will turn out. I wonder of all the stuff i’ll learn. Tannersaurusrex out.

Friday, May 9, 2014



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Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer is a fun season. There's no school, there's no cold, and it's fun to go swimming.
It is so warm in summer. The forest is fun to explore. Theirs bugs but, I ignore them. You can do more things in summer than any other season.

        There's no school in July. You can have more fun in the summer of any other season because theirs No school. Theirs a holiday, and there's friends who can play. I like making a stick forts so the tree's, leaves, berries, and grasses make it easier. It's warm to, so you can play longer. The forth of the July is fun because you watch fire works.

        The warm makes summer fun and not so fun at the same time. Mosquitos are mean and suck your blood. The warmth's not always on your side, it can give you sun burn and it hurts without a doubt. In summer you can go swimming, have a fire, and go hiking. Exploring is hard because I don't live near a forest.

        Many people love summer. It's a good season. No studying. Many animals get up and about in summer. You have to enjoy nature to be a good person and not litter.

        I love summer and I hope you do too. There is a lot of stuff to do like the carnival. When I went to the carnival, I got a lot of prizes. My favorite is the darts game. So I just told all the things about summer. Also, I like it and stuff so. The End

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Dirt

BY Tanner Reimann
I live with my dirt
My only Dirt
I gave him food
I gave him glue
I watched her
Spit that only
That I call my little dirt
That's name is Birt.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tannersaurasrex and Hailey's Drawing Game.

How To Play The Drawing Game By: Hailey & Tanner 

 1. Get 2 players or more. 
 2. Get a pencil and some paper. 
 3. Decide which one of you are the drawer. 
 4. Think of something or someone to draw. 
 5. Once you are done with the drawing let the other person guess what it is. 
 6. Don’t tell ANYONE what it is! 
 7. If they get it right they get 1 point. 
 8. Then the next person gets to draw. 
 9. And you keep guessing what you think the drawing is. 
 10. The person with the most points wins! 
 11. Play the game and have fun!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Snow fort writing by Tanner Reimann

Hi! My name is Tanner. Today I will show you why my snow fort is better then my classes. This paragraph is going to try to persuade you to come to my fort. First of all our fort is a real snow fort, it's not like the snow forts with steal in the middle of the front of the fort. Plus my opponent's fort looks like a box of doom! Is that scary! Ours is not a box of doom, it's a 2 room snow fort with a hall way connecting the two. In addition, ours is a good structure. Not simple but, not hard either. It's just right. If you look at it in the front, you would think it is a house. We took time on making this so we are pretty sure we are going to get at least in second place. Finally, we had to do this to learn on Width, Length, and Area. Please come to our fort. It's a nice place to hang out and stuff. Talk to friends, play in the snow, and it is fun to go and help build the rest of it! That's why I think you should come and see our fort! By Tanner Reimann.