Monday, November 25, 2013

My Favorite Place.

My Favorite place is my room. I can smell my moms cooking is flowing threw my nose like the waves of the Pacific Ocean of the good scent. I can hear my sister thrashing,trash talking, and throwing her toys all over the place. I also hear if someones in the bathroom or taking a shower
There a work bench and a tan dresser with a mirror and 6 little cabnits that i put my cloths in. the handels for the cabnits are gold color.  I also got a oak bunk bed with blackish brownish spots and a oak book case that is all brown. I have 2 windows and
a oak door with sheep wool on the outside part of the door. The carpet is grayish white with red and blue tiny spots. The wall are different colors of blue for each side of the wall. I got a closet with a oak full brown.