Friday, September 13, 2013

Home coming!

It was O.K.... It was Awesome i was feeling a little sick because of the fibrating of the feet of the school. :p
I loved the song. I liked the LIONS SONG,but i can't go well we might not go.

Friday, September 6, 2013

the awwanking

I woke up the then ate ceeral and it taste good then  i went to school and after school i played fable then in went to treesa and she said the sword more powerful jack of blades wants it you need to kill him but i had to go to i dont remember the name. So i wnet there and i saw treesa cempt in a cage of MAGIC then i lied and lied and lied some more then i had to kill him then i did (witch is not that hard but there scremmers) i defeated him then i neeeded to go to the focuus site but the minions and undead blocked the way after that
i saw i needed to kill jack of blades.It was hard but i could do it but i asked dad for help because hes got the best armor and defeated jack in his dragon form. I killed him then for the sword of Aoens. I feel bad bu she sad kill me because jack killed mother. so i kille dhere then wako quest came up every where in lost bay
killing sommuners and white balvriens but i madded peaise and also i married lady gray the mayor of bowerstone south and north. She is mean so the profile now i didn't marry her on the profile now im working on. the end