Monday, November 25, 2013

My Favorite Place.

My Favorite place is my room. I can smell my moms cooking is flowing threw my nose like the waves of the Pacific Ocean of the good scent. I can hear my sister thrashing,trash talking, and throwing her toys all over the place. I also hear if someones in the bathroom or taking a shower
There a work bench and a tan dresser with a mirror and 6 little cabnits that i put my cloths in. the handels for the cabnits are gold color.  I also got a oak bunk bed with blackish brownish spots and a oak book case that is all brown. I have 2 windows and
a oak door with sheep wool on the outside part of the door. The carpet is grayish white with red and blue tiny spots. The wall are different colors of blue for each side of the wall. I got a closet with a oak full brown.


Friday, October 25, 2013

One time my mommy and daddy came in with a bunk bed. I was so happy. My daddy put in 2 matres.
My dad broke a door knob when he bought the matreses in. I took a long time for dad to build it.
there is steps for me to climb up and i cant stand on my bed because of my seiling. It is made of oak
I think. It also came with a ladder but, i don't use it for that. I use it for a bus think to run around outside.
I sleep on the top bunk. That was when i was surpized! :o

Friday, September 13, 2013

Home coming!

It was O.K.... It was Awesome i was feeling a little sick because of the fibrating of the feet of the school. :p
I loved the song. I liked the LIONS SONG,but i can't go well we might not go.

Friday, September 6, 2013

the awwanking

I woke up the then ate ceeral and it taste good then  i went to school and after school i played fable then in went to treesa and she said the sword more powerful jack of blades wants it you need to kill him but i had to go to i dont remember the name. So i wnet there and i saw treesa cempt in a cage of MAGIC then i lied and lied and lied some more then i had to kill him then i did (witch is not that hard but there scremmers) i defeated him then i neeeded to go to the focuus site but the minions and undead blocked the way after that
i saw i needed to kill jack of blades.It was hard but i could do it but i asked dad for help because hes got the best armor and defeated jack in his dragon form. I killed him then for the sword of Aoens. I feel bad bu she sad kill me because jack killed mother. so i kille dhere then wako quest came up every where in lost bay
killing sommuners and white balvriens but i madded peaise and also i married lady gray the mayor of bowerstone south and north. She is mean so the profile now i didn't marry her on the profile now im working on. the end

Friday, August 23, 2013

My first day of school was ok, but i didn't think we get Chrome books! I mean is that awesome!!!
I played with friends and switched periods. It was a fun first weak! :)